Jill Monroe Wrestling Videos

What is TicketsClub?

Simply put, TicketsClub is the system by which our payment processor Verotel now works.

Verotel has been in the online payment business for a number of years. We have always found them trustworthy and reliable... both for us the merchant and for you the customer. Verotel is based in Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Once you have made your purchase through the TicketsClub system you may return to TicketsClub.com to access your video. You may also access it through the handy link on each video's description page. The second is the quicker and easier method!

Purchases made show up as 'TicketsClub' on one's credit card statement or phone bill should you choose the 1-900 system.

Please use the 'Contact' link on the left of any page should you have any questions.